Small Companies Simply Do Not Know What to Start with. Export Education Project

Small Companies Simply Do Not Know What to Start with. Export Education Project

According to Ivan Sukhanov, Head of EXPORT SUPPORT AND DEVELOPMENT CENTER OF KHABAROVSK KRAI, SMEs lack finance and knowledge to start exporting. In his interview to EASTRUSSIA he shared his ideas on how to get both and start selling abroad.

— And how do you transfer knowledge?

— Business has still a lot to learn including state support measures they can get. Entrepreneurs don’t have much free time and export for them is huge information vacuum. We have an Internet portal for international trade (www.khabexport.com) with a number of useful sections – from a calendar of exhibitions around the world to the knowledge base. Last year the RUSSIAN EXPORT CENTER launched an EXPORT EDUCATION PROJECT in Russia. 13 pilot regions nationwide including Khabarovsk Krai joined the project. The courses have been developed and are lectured by experts. The training consists of modules and covers all topics from negotiations to shipments. Last year we trained 41 companies.

— Are there any tangible results from such events at the moment?

— Some of attendees have been already exporting. But there are new ones, of course. For instance, one honey producer after the courses shipped already some samples abroad and applied for a major food exhibition in Dubai. We don’t expect a fast response – it’s a laborious work but at the same time we cannot but fight the illiteracy.


According to the Far Eastern Customs in 2016 Khabarovsk Krai exported goods totaling $1,54 bln Major export items: timber and lumber — $503,8 mln (32,6 %), aircrafts — $294,4 mln (19 %), fish and seafood — $226,8 mln (14,7 %), fuel including coal — $203,6 mln (13 %), precious metals and products — $139,1 mln (9 %).

Top 5 Importing Countries — China ($900 mln), Republic of Korea ($276 mln), Great Britain ($99,5 mln), Japan ($90 mln) and Switzerland ($53 mln).