Russian-made small vessels may be supplied to Hong Kong

Russian-made small vessels may be supplied to Hong Kong

The products of the Russian shipbuilding industry are set for introduction to the largest Asian market for small vessels. This was announced by Sergey Inyushin, Russia’s trade representative in China, in an interview with RIA Novosti.

He said that the Hong Kong market is still being studied, but it clearly has great potential, first of all, for Russian passenger hydrofoil ships.

Another promising area is the supply of composite shipbuilding products. For example, a company in Vladivostok manufactures composite catamarans at prices that are 1.5 – 2 times lower than those for products of similar quality from Western manufacturers (the first innovative sea catamaran was already built for South Korea).

Hong Kong shows the interest in Russian small vessels that have a clear competitive advantage in terms of price and quality. The main challenge in promoting these products in Asia in general, and in this special administrative region of PRC in particular, is the closed nature of local markets when it comes to the entry of new players. Earlier, it was also reported that Rostec expects to export Kometa-type hydrofoil ships.

Source: http://blog.b2b-export.com