Russia Secures Procurements Of Offroaders To Mexico

Russia Secures Procurements Of Offroaders To Mexico

The Ulyanovsk Car Factory started exporting their entire model range to Mexico. Together with a local partner, they have opened a dealership, the manufacturer reports. The model range consists of the offroaders Patriot, Hunter, Pickup, Profi, and the classic UAZ-2206 minivan.

The local distributor has almost completed certification of these models and this year UAZ is planning to export over a hundred of Patriots and test models of Patriot, Pickup, and Profi vehicles to Mexico for the local customer base. The negotiated volume of procurements for the next year exceeds 300 cars.

According to the Export Director of UAZ, Andrei Dorofeev, Mexico is the largest market in central America, comparable to the car market of Russia. More than a million new cars are sold every year in Mexico. For UAZ, it is the key market in the region. They believe that expansion there will allow them to export several hundreds of offroaders to the country.

GAZ Group is launching the production of a new right-hand-drive off-road truck, Sadko Next, the successor of the legendary GAZ-66. The company sees great potential for this model in countries with road systems that drive on the left. Moreover, there is expected expansion of the fleet of Russian airplanes in Latin America.

Source: http://blog.b2b-export.com