Russia may help Kenya improve its urban layout

Russia may help Kenya improve its urban layout

The government of the East African country hopes to receive help from Russian construction companies in combatting their slums problem, Russia’s Minister of Construction, Housing, and Utilities Vladimir Yakushev told TASS during the UN-Habitat assembly held in the Kenyan capital of Nairobi. The minister plans to discuss this issue with Russian developers.

Kenya intends to implement a large-scale program to relocate people from slums to improved housing developments that the country plans to spend significant amounts of money on. The government wants to have as many developers as possible participating in the program. That is why it is negotiating with developers from Russia, China, Turkey, and South Korea.

UN-Habitat, or the UN Human Settlement Program, was founded in 1978. The organization’s main focus is on ensuring access to adequate housing and sustainable urban development. According to UN-Habitat data, Kenya has the largest urban slums in Africa (Kibera), located just five kilometers from downtown Nairobi.

Previously, the online publication Quartz Africa reported that the total number of people with sustainable income in Africa is about 330 million. The distribution of the middle class across the continent is very uneven, with 219 million or two-thirds of the total population living in just five countries. Known as the Big Five, these countries are Egypt, Nigeria, South Africa, Morocco, and Algeria. (The top 10 also includes Ethiopia, Angola, Kenya, Ghana, and Tanzania). In addition, it should also be noted that the skills of Russian companies are in high demand in Africa.

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