Russia Could Become One of Top 10 Food Exporters

Russia Could Become One of Top 10 Food Exporters

The Press Centre of the Ministry of Agriculture, citing a statement made by Minister Dmitry Patrushev, has published a press release that in the medium term, Russia could be one of the top ten global exporters of agricultural products. In terms of individual products, Russia is already among the top three.

According to the Minister, the domestic exporters of food and agricultural products entered several strategically important markets last year. China is the most important, but there is also Morocco, Japan, Singapore, Serbia, and Turkey, and this list is far from exhaustive. Supplies of fish products, honey, and vegetable feed to Morocco will now be possible; meat and meat products will be shipped to Japan, Singapore, Turkey, and Kuwait; and China agreed to the supply of poultry meat and dairy products (as mentioned, Russia and China will speed up deliveries of perishable goods).

In general, exports of agricultural products from the Russian Federation have grown significantly in the last year. The main increase was due to supplies of grain crops to foreign markets. A rapid growth in exports of fish and seafood, meat products, fat-and-oil products, food, and products of processing industries was also observed. In total, Russia exported agricultural products worth USD 25.9 billion last year.

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