Rosatom implements projects in 12 countries around the world

Rosatom implements projects in 12 countries around the world

The state corporation’s portfolio of foreign orders for the next ten years totaled USD 133.2 billion last year, according to the annual report of JSC Atomenergoprom. The latter company consolidates the Russian nuclear industry’s civilian assets. Rosatom’s revenue from exports increased to USD 6.5 billion.

The state corporation is currently working on 36 nuclear power plant projects in 12 countries around the world. Last year eight, the company entered into intergovernmental agreements, as well as 20 major interagency agreements. Meanwhile, Rosatom has contracts for the construction of nuclear power plants, as well as agreements for other civilian uses of nuclear power, including research and development nuclear facilities.

Igor Tretyakov, the chief designer of research and isotope reactors at N.A. Dollezhal Scientific Research And Design Institute Of Energy Technologies (NIKIET), noted that Russia is one of a handful of countries in the world that operates a large number of experimental nuclear reactors and has the requisite technologies and know-how. Furthermore, Russia is also a leader in the number of operational research nuclear units (over 20% of the global number) and in the number of high-flow research reactors. It is primarily countries that are just beginning to consider nuclear power who are interested in cooperating on nuclear R&D. These include countries in Africa, Latin America, and South East Asia.

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