More Russian-made Car Parts To Be Exported To Other Countries

More Russian-made Car Parts To Be Exported To Other Countries

The Kostroma Car Parts Factory launched production of new types of parts — wrist pins and cylinder barrels, reports the press centre of the Ministry of Industry and Trade. The company received a concessionary loan from the Production Development Fund to purchase modern equipment. They are planning to export a portion of their products.

The new products will be used in the assembly of combustion engines for Russian and foreign brands localised in Russia and for the major repairs of engines in car service centres. The creation of a Russia plant for wrist pins and cylinder barrels is a strategically important project for the company which will allow it to strengthen its position on the global market.

The new facility is designed to produce approximately 580,000 barrels and 1.25M wrist pins annually. At least 10 % of the parts manufactured in this project will be exported worldwide. Russian companies who supply car-related products to global markets can count on up to 50 % compensation of the costs of opening after-sales maintenance facilities and service centres in other countries.

Source: http://blog.b2b-export.com