Exports of Russian fish products increased by 22 percent

Exports of Russian fish products increased by 22 percent

Last year, the supply of fish abroad in monetary terms reached $2.976 billion, which shows an increase compared to the year before by 22 percent, according to SeaNews material, with reference to FCS data. In physical terms, the volume of exports amounted to 1652.9 thousand tonnes, with an increase of 7.8 percent.

The main country-importer of fish from Russia is China, where more than 980,000 tonnes (plus 8.3 percent) of fish was shipped, worth about $1.2 billion — an increase of almost 32 percent. In second place is the Republic of Korea — plus 22.1 percent in physical terms (almost 365 thousand tonnes) and 22.9 — in value terms (up to $739 million). As noted, last year, fish exports to Japan increased significantly — by 25.6 percent in physical terms (almost 102 thousand tonnes) and by 61.3 percent in value terms ($267.7 million).

The lion’s share of Russian fish exports is frozen fish. In 2018, it was exported in the amount of 1,540. 3 thousand tonnes (plus almost seven percent), for about $2.5 billion — the increase in value terms amounted to almost 25 percent. The main destination country is China, where 979.4 thousand tonnes were exported, for a total of $ 1.2 billion. We would also like to remind you that the dynamics of cargo turnover between Russia and China remain positive.

Source: http://blog.b2b-export.com